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Our Story

10 years ago a young man arrived in the coastal town of Mossel Bay with a cobalt blue guitar, an impressive tie-collection and a dream of finding romance and purpose in this wonderful world. The garment trade was what initially brought him from his home in the Boland, but it was inevitably love that made Mossel Bay his new home. Within his first year in town, The singing Merchant had met and fallen in love with the girl of his dreams. Her love of beautiful design and travel married his love of coffee, music and people.

While travelling for her art exhibitions, they were inspired by impressive restaurants and a growing international coffee culture. They met amazing people along their journey and saw beautiful places that got them dreaming about their own business ideas. Not long after, they got the opportunity to open their own artisan coffee shop in a 150 year old heritage building close to the harbour. This magnificent stone building had previously been used as a stable, an aloe factory, surfboard shaper, car mechanic shop and even an IT company. But in October 2015, this historic landmark opened its doors as “The Merchant Coffee”, a shared community space where creativity, joy and good coffee would always be in abundance.